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TCR’s customer base is comprised primarily of OEMs in multiple industry segments. Our customer base is diversified throughout the United States and represents many segments of the automotive, hydraulic, industrial/commercial and recreation industry.

In the precision-machining market, customers demand a high-level of service from their suppliers. As a result, TCR makes itself very flexible and responsive to customer requests such as to supply parts on a just-in-time basis.

End Market Product Examples Application Examples
  -Seating main shafts
-Airbag inflator components
-Gas spring studs
-Column supports
-Transmission shift rails
-Fuse box assemblies
-Headlamp adjuster components
-FHP motor mount components
-Fuel injection systems
-Suspension systems
-Body and fenders
-Air bag systems
-Anti-lock brakes
Electronic and Electrical Equipment
-Bi-metal connectors
-Rod connectors
-Spark arrestor caps
-Press and clinch bolt
-Panel fasteners
-Threaded inserts
-Electrical hardware
-Insulator inserts
-Electrical infrastructure
-Electrical transformers
-Office machinery
-Electronic systems
Fabricated Metal Products
-Flanged studs
-Structural bolts
-Consumer tool components
-HVAC equipment
-Fabricated structural metal
-Metal stampings
-Tank linings
-Hand and power tools
Industrial Machinery
-Abrasive wheel shafts
-Engine components
-Centrifugal pump components
-Industrial enclosure components
-Machine bodies and frames
-Engine cylinder heads
-Gear boxes
-Main bearings
-Window mechanism components
-Residential Construction
  -Spools for valves
-Relief valve bodies and assemblies
-Fluid power systems
-Hydraulic systems
  -Disk brake caliper holders
-Trim adjuster assembly
-Mountain bike shock components
-Marine outboard tilt and trim components
-Golf cart shift selector components
-Marine bi-metal shaft components
-Non-automotive transportation
-Toys and games
-Sporting goods
-Fitness equipment