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cold forming

What is Cold Forming?
Cold Forming is a high speed manufacturing process that produces parts by metal flow due to machine applied pressure as opposed to metal removal by cutting. Cold Forming is the primary manufacturing operation of the fastener industry.

The capabilities of Cold Forming go far beyond just the manufacturing of fasteners extending into almost infinite variety of special designed parts.

When should the Cold Forming process be considered?

  • The part has multiple diameters
  • High production quantities of the part are needed
  • Significant raw material costs are associated with the part
  • Part strength and reliability are important manufacturing
  • The Value of Cold Forming:
    Because raw materials are often times the most expensive component of manufacturing a part, Cold Forming is a low-cost alternative to Automatic Screw Machine Manufacturing. TCR’s Cold Forming capabilities often reduce part costs while improving part quality and productivity.

    Summary of Benefits:

  • Utilizes "Net Shape" Design
  • Reduced Raw Material Waste
  • Low Scrap Rates
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Good Surface Finishes
  • Consistent Dimensions
  • High Speed Production Rates
  • Improved Physical Properties
  • Materials:
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      cold forming

    cold forming